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Organising an event but not sure how to get it started? Our topless waiters and butlers are the answer!

Get your party started with our gorgeous, toned and topless waiters. Worry no more! With Cheeky Butlers you don’t need to worry about your next function. Ditch the stress or the overwhelming thought of planning a butler party event that seems nearly impossible to pull together. Our team of professional topless waiters will help you plan, organise and host your party perfectly; and according to your liking. So, whether you plan to host a major event or a small get-together for your friends, be assured that your event will go smoothly and successfully. Do less and still be involved with the planning of the event; we’ll take care of the rest. That means more fun time with your guests and less time on stressing out.

Remember that the real secret to a successful party is not having to do everything on your to-do list but delegating the tasks to the right people – and that’s Cheeky Butlers, your reliable hosting partners. It’s like having your own catering service with the addition of a delightful cheeky twist.

WHY? Our team is comprised of gorgeous and experienced party planners with an established reputation in the business of party hosting and event organising. That is why we can make your event fully customised and basically everything you ever wanted. So, if you love the idea of throwing a party or the notion of impressing lots of people with amazing food, great tasting wine and interesting conversation, book our topless waiters today!

Call 0207 703 5108 now or contact us and we’ll supply you with the topless waiters for your next celebration! We offer competitive national rates, 24 hour telephone support and unlimited cheekiness! We provide the ultimate party experience that is trusted time and time again by our customers.

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