Semi Naked Bare Bum Buff Butlers


Is your party missing something?

The UK’s favourite semi-naked bare bum butlers. Our butlers are as buff as they come

Our handsome, toned and almost naked buff butlers are the ultimate darling boys that offer the very best service in the United Kingdom for hosting hen nights, birthday parties, girls nights in, civil ceremonies, dinner parties, baby showers, corporate events, openings, viewings, company parties, P.R. Events, product launches and so much more! Our buff butlers are guaranteed to get your party off on the right note!

CheekyButlers, is the ultimate choice for naked waiters. Our butlers’ trademark is the cheeky service that is topped with professionalism. So, whether you want your butler to wear the famous white collar, cuffs and cuff-links, black bow-tie, bottom revealing apron OR the long black trousers, you are sure to get a classy service that is perfectly suited to your requirements. When we say ‘naked butlers’, sorry to disappoint but they do need to cover their ‘modesty’ with an apron (at the front anyway!).

Why Book a Buff Butler From Cheeky Butlers?

We have:-

  • Attractive semi naked hen party butlers who will meet and greet your guests.
  • A naked waiter who can mix cocktails, plate up and serve food in a professional manner.
  • Gorgeous male specimens that can chat and mingle with your guests while maintaining modesty and proper decorum.
  • Real men with Adonis-like physiques that can join or assist in the sassiest, funniest and most daring party games ever!
  • Sexy, butlers in the buff who can pose for picture with your guests.
  • Well-mannered naked waiters who can handle the party from start to finish so you don’t need to worry about the event whether it’s the planning, washing and the tidying up after.
  • Possibly the lowest fee for naked butlers hire in the whole of the UK, so you can start an awesome party with Cheeky Butlers.Naked Waiters from CheekyButlers can turn whatever occasion, big or small into a delightful day or night that is truly memorable. Their primary goal is to make your event the next talk of the town! You do the partying, we do the catering, organising and cleaning up after, so you get to celebrate in style the way you want it. That’s VIP treatment from start to finish! Now, do you still want dull and unappealing parties? Or do you want a fabulous memory you can recall for years?Call 0207 703 5108 now or contact us and we’ll start booking a naked waiter for you! We offer competitive national rates, 24 hour telephone support and unlimited cheekiness! Our naked butlers provide the ultimate party experience that is trusted time and time again by our customers.Book Now!

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