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Ladies night in your establishment is a great way to encourage customers and, if done well, a great atmosphere. Girl’s nights outs can often be rare with busy lives getting in the way, as the host it is down to you to help make it a night to remember.

Using an entertainment agency such as ourselves can help turn your event into that night everyone talks about. Our Cheeky Butlers are available as topless waiters serving Champagne and canapés or in the buff making cocktails giving your ladies night that extra bit of excitement and, of course, cheekiness.

A Girl’s Night Out to Remember

Our naked butler service is there to help make your business the talk of the town bringing your ladies night to life. Increasingly popular for hen parties our gorgeous butlers are a hit with the ladies by being nothing but polite. Like hosting any party it is important to make sure your guests are having a good time that why as part of our service, our Cheeky Butlers will mingle with your customers, taking photos and generally get the party started.

We are hired out for many events including corporate, charity and hen parties giving our charming, buff butlers experience to create the correct atmosphere for the purpose of your event.

If you need some help and advice when planning your Ladies Night why not contact our team to see if we can help with a butler or two!

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