Girls Night Out Makeup Tips

A girls night out is all about wearing your best dress, throwing on a pair of heels and having a good laugh with your friends. For some it might involve going to a restaurant and cinema, for others it might involve heading into town to a bar for a more lively night of drinking and dancing, either way one thing is always a constant and that is that girls want to look their best. With this in mind here are a few top makeup tips that will make sure you feel a million dollars when you head off on your night out.

Make use of colour

Girls nights out are all about having fun, so use it as an opportunity to have a play around with your makeup. At work or during the day you might usually stick to quite natural makeup, but in the evening you can get away with adding a little more colour. In trend for 2013 are a lot of metallic and bright eye shadows, choose one that suits your skin tone and have fun with it. If you’re wearing quite neutral clothes, this can be the perfect way to brighten up your look and give it a touch of glamour.

Concentrate on the lips or eyes – not both

Some make the mistake when applying makeup to accentuate their makeup on both the lips and the eyes which can be quite a heavy look, instead try focusing on just one or the other. For example have a bright red lip teamed with just a healthy lashing of mascara on the eyes. Alternatively apply eye shadow across the lid to add a splash of colour and a pair of fake eye lashes to make your eyes pop, but keep to a natural lip colour.

Don’t forget the nails

Finish of your look with a nail varnish that complements your outfit. Make sure you apply at least 2 coats to make it last and whatever you do, don’t put it on after you have got dressed, you don’t want to spill it right before you head out.

Take the essentials with you

To keep your makeup looking fresh all night it might be useful to take a few of your essentials out with you in your handbag. A few favourites are pressed powder to take away any shine across the t-zone, mascara to give your eyes a lift and lipstick in case this smudges through the night.

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